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Big Foot, Illinois

A Nationally Known Community

Its name was used by the popular TV game show, “Win, Lose, or Draw” in an early July showing. Its name was also published in the July 12, 1989 issue of “USA TODAY” on page 7a, “Places We Call Home.”

About Our Community

In the early 1800’s, this area was populated by members of the Potawatomi Tribe, led by Chief Big Foot. At that time, the village was called Maunk-suck, the Chief’s native name.
Chief Big Foot was a peaceful and friendly man that earned the respect of his community. He loved this area around Lake Geneva for its natural beauty and bountiful supply of food.
Many places have been named in honor of this popular Potawatomi Chief. Lake Geneva was first known as Big Foot Lake, until it was renamed by an early surveyor. However, our community carries on the Big Foot name through our country club, high school, beach park, and our very own, Big Foot Inn.

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Big Foot Inn

About Our Inn

Big Foot Inn has been in continuous operation at this location and under the same name since 1946. Although the Inn has certainly transformed over time, one important thing remains – The belief in serving the public ample portions of excellent food at an affordable price.
We purchased Big Foot Inn in 1977. In 1987, we had the original structure completely refurbished and added two new dining rooms. We can now accommodate any sized group in our bar, front dining rooms, or larger banquet rooms.

Thank you for selecting Big Foot Inn for your dining pleasure. We hope that you will relax, take your time, and enjoy your meal!